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Company Profile

        HUNAN 3T NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD (hereafter referred as 3T)boasts independent intellectual property rights of boron alloys technology and liquid-solid bi-metal technology, which when applied to relevant industries can produce immediate positive effects for environmental protection. So far 3T has developed the following products available in the market: boron alloy rolls, boron alloy crusher hammers, boron alloy wear resistant grinding balls, boron alloy tool steels. 3T has quickly become the largest supplier of domestic bar rolling racks with its liquid-solid bi-metal package. Its recently introduced crusher hammers and wear resistant grinding balls are instantly recognized by the market. With a steady stream of our new products introduced to market, the foundry industry can be less energy consuming and less polluting.

        The testimonials of our fifty-plus customers demonstrate that by using 3T’s boron alloy rolls, roll consumption per ton of steel can be reduced from 0.6kg down to 0.22kg. To produce 1000kg of rolls, the traditional manufacturing process consumes 1600kg of casting and 1200kg of standard coal. By sharp contrast, to produce 1 ton of rolls, 3T’s innovative process consumes only 500kg of casting (by re-using the roll core) and 280kg of standard coal. The efficiency of 3T’s innovative crusher hammer is 5-10 times of that of traditional high manganese steel hammer. The emission of producing 1000kg of casting by using 3T’s technology is only one fifth of that produced by traditional process. Across China there are over 10,000 plants producing wear resistant materials (including metallurgical roll casting ones); their annual consumption of coal, foundry sand and chemical coating exceeds tens of millions tons and their emission of carbon dioxide and waste is staggering. A wide application of 3T’s innovative technologies can make a difference to the foundry industry by gradually phasing out backward production processes.